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Sunday Update – April 10, 2016

It was Spring Break here so I was away most of the week on vacation! As we have in years past, we flew to South Carolina to spend a few days with my family. My parents live just outside of Charleston, on James Island, and close to the beach so going to visit them is a no-brainer. I get to spend time with my family, my kids get to hang out with their grandparents, my husband gets to play golf with my dad, and we get to relax without having to spend too much money. We stay at my parents' house, don't have to rent a car, and hardly have to pay for food. It's a great deal and I enjoy going down there to relax each year. We went to the beach, read books, ate lots of good food, went into Charleston, and had a great time!

Way out near the water. #vacation #vacation2016

This last week was also the blog tour for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE! Lots of bloggers shared excerpts, guest posts, and reviews, and I'm super grateful for all the extra coverage this book got last week. If you want to see everything, you can look at the schedule on Lola's Blog Tours. I will be re-posting the guest posts here on the blog the next few Wednesdays, and I'll share excerpts the next few Thursdays, so stay tuned! If you had been thinking about reading THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE, get your copy now! I will be raising the price across all vendors today and it should be $3.99 by tomorrow. I'm setting up the last few pre-orders for Daydreamer 2 (Amazon and Kobo) this week and then I'll announce it's available.

What else happened this week?

Drinks and edits on Daydreamer 2. I'm almost at the third act! #ig2016 #365days #dailyphoto #amediting

I've been working on edits to Daydreamer 2! I'm almost done with it and then it's off to my critique partner!

Hanging at the beach. #vacation2016 #vacation #beach

I am happiest at the beach, even if it's cold and windy.

Mm mm.  Taco Boy dinner! #vacation #vacation2016

Love the fish tacos from Taco Boy in Folly Beach!

Baked Cookie. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2016

My parents' dog, Cookie, is super sweet and my kids are finally used to her. We don't have any pets, and it's nice to have this dog we can see on vacation.

Back home again. More wine, please!  #dailyphoto #365days #ig2016

Back home in NJ, after a flight and long car drive, I needed a shower and a glass of wine really badly! I got both and ended my Saturday night happy.

So, I have a lot of posts coming up on the blog! And a few questions that were asked of me from my latest newsletter that I can answer, so I'll be back later this week!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Update – April 10, 2016”

  1. I am glad to hear you had a great vacation! It must be nice to visit your family and have a vacation at the same time.

    And I am glad the tour for The Daydreamer Detective went so well! It was a fun tour to organize!

    I am looking forward to second daydreamer detective book! I hope you’ll have a great week :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time, I am all for vacations where you don’t have to spend a lot of money and can still have fun and relax! :)

  3. Yay for nice relaxing vacations!!! Sounds totally wonderful. And omg, beaches are fabulous. I only live 30mins from the beach but rarely get there, gah, but I could seriously walk on a beach and listen to the waves for hoooours. :’)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  4. Sounds like a lovely holiday!
    Good luck with all the edits *gives you cake as encouragement to keep going*
    Oddly enough I live SO close to the beach, as in like a 5 minute walk but I hardly ever go! I really need to go more often. *nods*

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