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Sunday Update – March 20, 2016

I hate to do this but I'm in the middle of moving everything out of my kitchen in preparation for the start of a kitchen renovation tomorrow and I'm just too busy and exhausted to update the blog today.

Real post to come either later this week or I'll do a double update next week! Wish us luck! I've never lived through a big remodel and we'll be without a kitchen for two months. Yikes. It's gonna be crazy!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Update – March 20, 2016”

  1. Yikes without a kitchen for two months, I don’t think I would survive that. How would you eat, cook or bake? Invade someone’s else house, maybe? Or take-out for two months.
    I hope the kitchen renovation goes well and you’ll have a beautiful kitchen once all the work is done. But the remodel itself probably will be a nasty.

    1. All is not lost! We’ve been setting up a temporary kitchen in the basement with our stove, microwave, toaster oven and a sink! We should be able to survive until it’s done. I’ll be sure to post pictures and maybe a video later this week!

      1. Oh that’s good to hear! A temporary kitchen sounds like a good solution when you don’t have your real kitchen for that long.

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