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Sunday Update – February 28, 2016

It feels weird knowing there's still one more day in February! February is usually the month I dislike the most. Despite it being short, it's usually pretty miserable. For some reason, the month encompasses sickness, bad weather, and a general sense of depression. Looking back on photos of years past, February has always sucked. This is the first year it hasn't in a long time! No one was sick. We went on vacation to Puerto Rico and missed the sub-zero temperatures. All the snow is gone and we only had one really bad storm. I've been pretty happy and full of energy! Because I've managed to go on a lot of outdoor walks and re-energize. All in all, I'm calling this February a win!

This past week was a busy one. My husband was gone Monday through Thursday, and I worked that entire time. I even skipped exercising on several days so I could get more done. I was working on the very final edits of THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and trying to get it done by the cover reveal on Thursday. I SUCCEEDED! And I think the novel is super strong now. If you're interested in getting an ARC, please fill out this form. I'm giving away a lot! We had the cover reveal on Thursday and on Friday I formatted the paperback and submitted it to Createspace. I bought the proof yesterday and it's already shipped! Huzzah!

What else happened this week?

On a deadline and that means I will work anywhere, including my own car while my kid is in a fitness class. #amediting #authorsofinstagram #dailyphoto #ig2016 #365days

When work needs to get done, I'll work anywhere including the car.

Heading out into the rain between edits so I'm injecting some fun into today. #dailyphoto #ig2016 #365days #authorsofinstagram #lularoe #lularoeleggings #howiroe

I brightened up my week with some pretty leggings! These are a lot of fun.

Got our first @naturebox! My kids found it at the door and screamed for it. I had no idea they knew what it was. Lol. So much YouTube.

We got our first NatureBox which is a subscription snack service. The kids and I both like pretty much everything we got in here. I'll have to add more selections to my “pantry” for the next box!

I had planned to take this weekend to make the paperback for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE but it only took an hour. So now I have this drink and a book to read! Cheers! #tgif #authorsofinstagram #365days #ig2016 #dailyphoto #amreading

Finished off my week with a drink and a night of reading. It was a great way to end a very stressful week!

Coming this week on the blog, another Teaser Tuesday for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE and hopefully a Book Chat!

1 thought on “Sunday Update – February 28, 2016”

  1. I am glad this February was a relatively good one for you compared to previous years! I am glad I could organize the cover reveal for the first Daydreamer Detective book, it was fun! Just let me know if/ when you want me to organize a cover reveal for the second book as well.

    That NatureBox thing looks good! I haven’t tried any subscription boxes yet, but I like the idea of it. I am looking forward to see the next teaser for the Daydreamer Detective book this week! I hope you’ll have a great week!

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