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Sunday Update – February 21, 2016

Almost forgot to update! And since it's bedtime, I'm going to make this short. I've been editing all day every day since we got back from vacation, so I can't say that anything amazing has happened this past week. If anything, life has been smooth sailing and we're back in the groove of things around here.

Let's go back and take a look at some photos from this week, and then I promise I'll be back on the blog this week once I finish edits. :) Thanks for bearing with me as I barrel into the first new novel and characters I've made in a long time.

Good morning! #dailyphoto #ig2016 #365days #vacation #vacation2016

I am so happy. I wish we lived in the Caribbean. #vacation #vacation2016

Taking a break from #authorlifemonth while I'm on vacation. Be back on Wednesday, February 17th! #vacation2016 #vacation

Vacation in Puerto Rico was beautiful! I spent my days on the beach and reading as much as possible, while the kids swam in the pool and the ocean. It was great to recharge and get some sun in the middle of dreary February.

Having a drink and listening to my computer read me edited chapters. 10k edited today! #amediting #dailyphoto #ig2016 #365days #authorsofinstagram

We returned and I got back to work. Here, my computer is reading me my manuscript. It's a handy feature.

On a deadline and that means I will work anywhere, including my own car while my kid is in a fitness class. #amediting #authorsofinstagram #dailyphoto #ig2016 #365days

And here I am working in the car while my kid was at a fitness class. No rest for the wicked!

Be back soon with more. I promise!

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  1. Looks like you had a great vacation with lovely weather. The weather’s been dreary here too and by now I am ready for spring to get here. Good luck with the editing!

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