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Sunday Update – January 17, 2016

We had a busy week around here! First up, I finished writing my second cozy mystery on Monday! I had one more scene to write and I dictated it in the morning, then finished it up in the evening. Since I started writing on October 20, I have written over 158,000 words! That's a ton of writing. Plus, actually I've written more than that because I was also writing on my non-fiction book at the same time, but I never logged any of those words. I hope to get that book into Scrivener sometime today and see how many words I've written on it. It was great finishing up my second cozy mystery! I'm super excited about launching a new series and trying something different for me. I hope to start editing the first book by the end of January and maybe doing a cover reveal in mid-February when I plan to have a sale on SUMMER HAIKUS.

The rest of the week was just a time for me to get caught up on relaxing. I sat down on Wednesday and watched four hours of THE EXPANSE which I had saved up on the DVR. I'm super enjoying this series and I'm thinking about reading the books too. I love the political aspect and Cold War aspect to it. It's giving me good ideas for my own scifi series I plan to start writing late this spring. I also took the time this week to sit and read, to walk slowly, and to just let my brain chill. I still did work on several other things but they're not as taxing as writing a first draft.

I was also devastated by all the death this past week. First, David Bowie died on Monday and then Alan Rickman later in the week. I loved David Bowie and thought he was a master of music and a fabulous personality. Alan Rickman's death hit me hard, though. I fell in love with him when I was 15 and never stopped, way before Harry Potter. It's crazy to be attached to a famous personality for 25 years and suddenly they're gone. It was wonderful, though, to read all the tributes to him after his death and hear what a kind and helpful person he was. I'm so glad he touched the lives of so many people in a positive way. He will be missed.

Tomorrow, I turn 40 years old. Sigh. I kinda don't believe it. I remember being in my twenties and not believing I'd ever be 40. Isn't that crazy how things go? I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, so I won't dwell. Regardless, I'll be back here tomorrow with a little gift to everyone. It's my birthday so I'm giving something away!

What else happened this week?

And done! Just finished my 9th full-length novel! Woo hoo! I can't believe I hit all my targets. #amwriting

Finished my 9th full-length novel!

New Lesportsac alert! So glad I got a Peanuts one before it was out of stock. #365days #ig2016 #dailyphoto #lesportsac

Switched over to my new Peanuts Lesportsac bag! I've always loved Snoopy. He's a tortured writer just like most of us. :)

Foxy! #ig2016 #365days #dailyphoto #jamberry #jamberrynails #jamicure

Treated myself to a foxy new Jamberry manicure.

The last of a giant G&T and some Daily Show. TGIF. #ig2016 #365days #dailyphoto

Ended the week with a giant G&T which was much needed. Not only did David Bowie and Alan Rickman die this week, but a friend of mine lost her new baby, too. Friday was filled with many tears.

So even though it was a relaxing week for me, it turned out to be quite sad. I'll be glad to move on to this next week and hope for it to be better.

I'll be back tomorrow! See you then!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – January 17, 2016”

  1. I am so excited you finished the second cozy mystery book and I cna’t wait to read both of them! It’s nice you had some time to relax this week now that you finished the book.

    And happy birthday in advance, I hope you have an awesome birthday!

    Your snoopy bag looks awesome! I love snoopy, I have a few pyjama’s with snoopy on them. And those fox nails are adorable! I am sorry to hear it was a sad week and I hope next week will be better!

    1. I was a super sad week so I’m hoping tomorrow, my actual birthday, goes well and we can put it all behind us.

      Snoopy is a favorite of mine! I love having a Peanuts bag now. :)

  2. Omg that’s terrible about your friend’s baby…plus the icons’ deaths too all in a row, gah. It has been a sadder time lately. I accidentally was reading the last Harry Potter book the day Alan Rickman died and GAH. It really was…hard?!? My emotions didn’t even know what to do because I hate Snape but now not so much? And I really don’t know if that has to do with the book or the actor now. GAH. But anyway!

    Congrats on writing so many words! WOAH YOU ARE INSANELY AMAZING!! I’ve been editing this year, but barely more than 2K a day. XD or a week of I’m being super lazy. hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. It was hard getting all those words out, but I did, and I’m glad because now I have two books to edit and publish this year. Yay!

      I was in love with Alan Rickman WAY before Harry Potter so unfortunately I was totally wrecked when he died. I still can’t believe it. Sigh. I’m glad this week is starting off better!

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