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Book Updates – REMOVED To Kindle Unlimited, A New Cover For SUMMER HAIKUS

As is usual with the end-of-the-year posts, I'm popping on the blog to update you on some decisions I've made about my books.

I've now had my books in Kindle Unlimited for over 90 days. I've had the chance to see their performance, and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. I won't say that I've made a lot of money on Kindle Unlimited borrows, but I have made a significant amount more than I did selling through other vendors. Which is what I wanted to get from this switch. I've been watching my Pretty Links dashboard to see if people from other vendors have been reading my books and clicking on the links to get the next book in the series, and that just hasn't happened. I figured that if people were downloading REMOVED from Apple, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo, reading, and clicking on the links at the back of the book, I would know that my books were wanted on other platforms. This is obviously not a foolproof method because they could NOT click on the link and instead go straight to the store, but the link is right there and usually it's the laziest way to buy the next book (and we all know how lazy we can be).

So after giving it more thought, and looking at my numbers for the year, I've decided to put REMOVED into Kindle Unlimited. This means it will no longer be free. It will also no longer be available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo. I will also remove it from Wattpad, since Amazon demands exclusivity from its KU books. I will price REMOVED at $.99 for 2016, and I will occasionally make it free. I had approximately 8000 free downloads of REMOVED in 2015. In 2014, I gave away approximately 5000 free copies. It's safe to say that, without a Bookbub, I am not going to reach a significantly new audience in 2016, so price pulsing the book to free every few months will have a greater impact than just leaving it free. Plus, those in Kindle Unlimited will be able to borrow the book, and I will get paid for those borrows. I feel confident that this is a good decision. So, if you want to get the book for free, do it before January 1.

I also plan to redesign the covers for the Nogiku Series to give them a more scifi/space feel in 2016! I’ll be sure to show them off here when that happens.

Old Cover!

In other news, SUMMER HAIKUS is getting a new cover! I know that this will come as a disappointment to some of you. Many friends, other authors, and book bloggers expressed their love of the original cover, and I was very happy with it. But the book is just not selling, and I suspect that the cover has something to do with that. It's usually the first thing in an author will change if sales are low, so I wanted to give it a facelift before I put the book on sale. I’ve hired an amazing designer and she’s working on it as I type this! I’m sure you’ll love this one just as much. And yes, SUMMER HAIKUS will go on sale in January. I feel no regrets telling you this since I haven't sold a copy of it in over two months. LOL. I suspect that I will also have FACE TIME’s cover redesigned in the spring, but for now the book is doing just fine on its own.

Writing continues on book 2 of my cozy mystery series! I faltered a little bit this past week, but I continue to write and be excited about my characters and their lives. Hopefully I will be done with book 2 by mid-January, and I will start on revisions to book 1 soon after that.

That's all from me! Remember to get REMOVED for free before the end of the year, or you can wait for it to be in Kindle Unlimited and read the whole series for free with your subscription.

S. J. Pajonas