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Sunday Update – December 13, 2015

I didn't have a lot of energy this past week so blogging fell off (except for my random thoughts post) as I was harnessing everything I had to get in my 2000 words each day. It was a weird week because my kids had three half-days in a row, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I had to bring my youngest back to the orthopedist for a check up on her arm. That made getting other things done difficult. But the weather around here has been so mild! I love it! Today it's warm outside and I plan to go for another walk as soon as I get this blog post up. I love the fact that we haven't had any snow yet. Snow is so inconvenient. I don't care how “pretty” people think it is. It makes it hard to get around, schools close, and then people start to get sick. I hate it. So it's been great that there's been no snow yet!

I'm writing a steady 2000-3000 words per day on this project and the writing part is going really well. Yesterday, I had a moment of “OH GOD THIS SUCKS THE MYSTERY ISN'T MYSTERIOUS ENOUGH AND I THINK IT'S WRONG” but I realized this has a lot has to do with my pacing of writing, which is a lot slower than the pace a reader will read the book. I feel like it's dragging, but going over my outline, I'm sure it's not. This is usually a point in the process where I would stop writing and read everything I've written so far. Back when I used to pants a book. But this time I can just look over my outline and keep moving. I think it's important that I keep moving and writing. When I go back to revise, I'll re-read and make decisions then.

I also have plans going on behind the scenes for some of my other books, but I think I'll write about those this coming week!

What else happened this week?

My writing spot today was very colorful. #amwriting #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

I got in writing while my kids were at a birthday party last Sunday.

An evening of working on the couch with my buddy, Pingu. #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto

And more writing while my husband was at his work's holiday party.

Time for a drink and some mental detergent. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #bobross

I relaxed while watching Bob Ross, which is like meditation but better.

Standing in the kitchen, eating clementines, drinking tea, and listening to the first episode of season 2 of Serial. #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto

I started listening to season 2 of Serial! I'm very intrigued so far.

It's that time of year! #christmastree

And we got our Christmas tree! The house smells really good now and I love seeing it all lit up at night.

I have another busy week coming up! And hopefully some of my energy will return and I can blog a little more. See you later!

1 thought on “Sunday Update – December 13, 2015”

  1. I think snow is pretty, but only if I don’t have to go anywhere. I once had an exam at uni when it had snowed and it took me so much longer to get to the uni, I did make it time, but it’s so stressful. If I can stay home or go for a little walk then I love snow. Although I don’t think we’re getting any snow this year, the weather has been mild here too. A few days with nasty wind, but not really too cold.

    I can’t wait to read your new cozy mystery series! Every time you mention it I get more excited. I am sure it will be great!

    That penguin stuffed animal is so cute! I used to collect penguins, i still have a lot of them. They are one of my favourite animals. Those Bob Ross painting movies are so relaxing. Sometimes my boyfriend watches it while I colour in a colouring book. And his art always looks so cool, he makes painting sound easy.

    We don’t have christmas farms here (at least not that I know of), so I was happy you shared a picture as I’ve never seen one. Here we go to a supermarket or garden centre and they have the trees wrapped up and lying there already. We have a fake tree this year. i hope you have a great week!

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