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Sunday Update – December 6, 2015

Where did this past week go? I know I say that all the time, but this last one zipped on by in a blur. I think the fact that I'm careful to work or stay busy every day helps. This past week I went to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, I worked out on Monday and Wednesday, and then I spent the day with my friend Amy at Panera on Friday. Plus I've been writing every day! I've managed to write at least 2k each day on my second cozy mystery book, and so far the story is chugging along at a great pace. I'm pretty happy with it, and with where the story is going.

I had a week's worth of Japanese curry too, from making it for dinner on Monday night. I then ate it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for lunch. LOL. It was really good and I felt happy to be eating the leftovers. A couple of nights called for strong drinks though. The kids were in MOODS this week, and they would come home and fight after school. I don't know what was up with them, but hopefully this next week is calmer.

What else happened this past week?

Someone got a PS4 for his birthday! #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto

I took Sunday off from writing before starting the new book, watched KP play on his new Playstation, and I knit. It was a nice break.

By my side as I write today: Adagio Candy Cane tea (yum!) and my Hobonichi planner. Breaking in to 2016 early.  #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #tea #adagioteas #hobonichi #hobonichitecho

I got a lot of writing done with tea and my planner by my side. I'm keeping track of all my daily word counts in it.

Eep! Neil deGrasse Tyson! It was a great night and so awesome to be in his presence. @neiltyson

We went and saw Neil deGrasse Tyson at NJPAC on Thursday night! He did a lecture on Science Illiteracy and I learned a lot about other cultures, how they treat science, and common science misconceptions.

This is an awesome fortune. #ig2015 #dailyphoto #ig2015 #fortunecookie

We ordered Chinese for dinner last night instead of cooking and I got this awesome fortune. You all know that I work hard because I believe it's the right thing to do. Trying to have confidence in myself will lead me to great things one day.

Now, I need to take my kids to a birthday party where I will probably skip out and write in the lobby of the YMCA. Lol. Have a great week everyone!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Update – December 6, 2015”

  1. My week felt like it zipped by in a blur too. And I am excited to hear your progress in the second cozy mystery book is going well :D.

    We had japanese curry yesterday evening and leftovers this evening, yum! And I just ordered some new curry paste from the toko as I used the last package this time when making curry.

    Oh that’s a nice present your husband got. I still have two old playstations, number 2 and 3 I think, even though I don’t play a lot, I do love playing on my playstation. It’s a shame they make a new one every few years and then you have to upgrade or be unable to play the new games.

    And that’s an awesome fortune you got! Have a great week!

    1. I don’t play video games too often. We have an XBox One. I want to go back to the 80s when there were only a few buttons on the controller. Games these days confuse me!

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