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It’s Release Day For REVEALED!

I've been talking about this for weeks so it won't come as a surprise to most of you. But today is the release of REVEALED! This is a Nogiku Series companion novel, titled as Book 5 of the series because I want you to read it last, and the release of my seventh full-length novel. Where does the time go?

I'm pleased to report that I had pretty good pre-order sales for this book! And I'm happy that this book comes to those who have stuck with the series the longest. I know that's not many of you, but those of you who have stuck around mean the world to me. I love you. Each and every one of you. :heart:

Okay, here's the purchasing details for anyone who hasn't already bought REVEALED.


Check out REVEALED

7 thoughts on “It’s Release Day For REVEALED!”

  1. Happy release day! I am glad to hear the pre-order sales were good for this one. I think reading it at last works best indeed, so it doesn’t spoil anything for the rest of the series and it feels like a nice ending to revisit the first book from another point of view. I loved this book and it was so awesome to be back in the Nogiku world again.

      1. I did! I just didn’t end up reviewing because that was right when I started working with you and I wasn’t sure about that fine line with the reviewing/getting paid thing. ;-) Loved the way you wrapped up the series though!

          1. Yeah, I think especially now I could go back and write a review. I felt strange about doing it right when I started working with you – it’s always so hard to navigate that sort of thing.

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