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#TeaserTuesday For REVEALED

Since last week's teaser concentrated on Jiro, this week's teaser is about Sakai. The events of REMOVED, all the stress, the panic, and the lies, really aged Sakai. Before the book, he was a spry diplomat and leader, and after, he was torn to pieces. But he still remains one of the most well-loved characters of the series for pretty much everyone.


I especially loved writing from Sakai's point of view for this novel. It gave me a chance to explore the inner workings of Sanaa's education and everything it took to keep her safe, and it showed how many emotions Sakai had that he kept from the people around him. Under the surface, he was struggling, but he never showed it. That's some pretty amazing self-control.

REVEALED releases tomorrow! If you pre-ordered, you should get it tonight at midnight, and the paperback is on sale too. Find all the ordering information here.

S. J. Pajonas