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Yoga Builder: The Yoga App I Can’t Live Without

There are many reasons why an author should get up from their chair several times a day to exercise. Being an author means being incredibly sedentary for long periods of time, and if you don't already have a standing desk or a treadmill desk you're probably spending a lot of time sitting and writing. I work hard at exercising several times a week. This includes going to the gym, going for walks around the local park, and exercising while watching TV at home. But I noticed that I really need a good stretch every now and then. Two years ago, I was doing yoga at least once per week at a studio. I really enjoyed going and spending time with other people doing yoga and talking about life. But my usual yoga studio changed their hours around, and I found it hard to fit in the classes while taking care of my kids and also writing. So I stopped.

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Recently, I've been concentrating on both cardio and weight lifting at the gym, but I noticed lots of aches and pains that wouldn't go away, so I brought yoga back into my life using my favorite app. Yoga Builder is an app for iOS that lets you build your own yoga programs which is great for picky people like me. It has pretty much every yoga position you could think of, and plenty of variety when it comes to music and rest. It includes inversions, standing and sitting positions, and many others I can’t even identify. Everything from basic to advanced.

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FYI, I'm using an older version of this on my old iPad because I'm afraid to update the thing to the newest iOS.

I use it for a few different kind of workouts. For after a long walk, I have a yoga program that's just for stretching legs, core, and hips. It's only 13 minutes long, and I can fit it in before I take my shower. For days when I really need a good stretching, I have a 30 minute program planned out that I can do before I get my day get started.

What I love about this app is that it's perfect for people who already know how to do yoga. It's not for beginners, it's for people who already know what they want out of a yoga session. I had been going to classes for several years and understood what I liked about a good flow session, so building my own yoga programs was pretty easy. If you are already a yogini, this app is definitely for you. They have a companion app called Pocket Yoga that's better suited for beginners. I've used both of them and like them, so I highly recommend them.

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Like anything exercise related, I have to make a routine in order to stick with it. Adding yoga back into my life has helped me stay strong and limber. If you need some help getting into a good routine and want to try adding more yoga into your life Yoga Builder and Pocket Yoga will be good additions to your routine. I now can’t live without them. They’ve definitely improved my quality of life!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Builder: The Yoga App I Can’t Live Without”

  1. This sounds like a great app and it’s pretty cheap too! I always wanted to give yoga a try, maybe once I have some money to spare I can take a few lessons and after that continue doing yoga at home. I prefer exercises I can do alone and at home prefer, but it seems that taking a few lessons first would work best.

    1. I would agree with that, especially yoga. It’s good to see how an instructor teaches and what the basic moves are before jumping in. But I do love yoga and have been practicing on and off for over 10 years. This app really helps me stay on top of my practice!

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