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Book Chat #20 – Ernest Cline, Andy Weir, John Scalzi, Haruki Murakami, Monica Leonelle, and Mars Preston

Wow! I haven't done a book chat since the end of August. This isn't because I haven't been reading. It's because I've been doing a lot of other things. And my for-fun reading book, THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES, was taking me a long time to read. But I was doing other things on the side! So let's get down to the audiobooks I've been listening to.

I did finish listening to ARMADA by Ernest Cline. But I have to say, I wasn't very pleased with the end of the story. The whole climax felt a little boring to me, so I kind of wonder what happened to Ernest Cline between Ready Player One and this book. Oh well. I enjoyed listening to Wil Wheaton narrate this.

After listening to ARMADA, I went on to listen to THE MARTIAN again! God I love that book. It's so good. I can't wait to see the movie very soon. It was even worth listening to the audiobook a second time through.

After I was done with THE MARTIAN, I went on to listen to THE ANDROID'S DREAM by John Scalzi. This is another Scalzi book that I really enjoyed. It was a lot of fun, even though the plot was slightly crazy. There were times when I had no idea what was going on, and I had trouble following a lot of the extra plot lines. But it was still good, and I enjoyed it.

I'm now listening to a really great audiobook that I'm enjoying a lot. It's called WWW by Robert J Sawyer. It has a bunch of different storylines that I haven't figured out how they connect yet, but they are all interesting and they are keeping me engaged. I listen to this audiobook whenever I have a free chance.

Wow! That's a lot of audiobooks for the last month!

In regular books, I just finished THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES. And I'm happy to say, that it's still my favorite book. I saw lots of nuances in this reading that I hadn't seen in previous readings. So this one book continues to be one of my favorite stories.

I've also read a few nonfiction books on the side.

All of these books were really helpful in guiding me towards writing my next novel! I highly recommend them.

Yes, I am including dictation in my arsenal of novel-writing weapons and I'll talk about that in a future post. :)

1 thought on “Book Chat #20 – Ernest Cline, Andy Weir, John Scalzi, Haruki Murakami, Monica Leonelle, and Mars Preston”

  1. You sure listened to lots of audiobooks, I haven’t given audiobooks a try yet, although I plan to do so eventually. I heard great things about the Martian, maybe I’ll have to give it a try, still on the fence.

    I recently read the Star wars books based on the first prequel movie, but haven’t read any other star wars books beside that and not sure how many I will read as there are so many star wars novels, I will read the rest of the prequel trilogy as I enjoyed the first book.

    I read some of the review of Aftermath on goodreads and lots of people didn’t like it. Guess I’ll just wait for the movie and skip the book.

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