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Random Thoughts On… My Continuing Education

Just this past week I made two purchases which I hope will usher me along my path to a more productive author.

I bought the Learn Scrivener Fast training. I had heard about this training a lot on Facebook and was really curious about how well it worked for people. Now, I've been using Scrivener for about four years now, and I know a lot about it because I use it almost every single day. But there are a lot of features in the program that I really don't use all that often, like the corkboard, outlining, and metadata features. So I thought I would try to teach myself those features, but I just never have the time to get around to it. I would have to do a million Google searches and I really don't have the time to find everything that I need. When I saw that there was a free webinar available for me to check out this training I decided to jump in. And I was really blown away by how well all the videos were constructed, and how many different topics the training covers. So I decided to invest! And already I'm really, really happy with the training. I'm excited about what I can do now with Scrivener that I haven't been able to do before especially since I'm about to start writing a brand-new novel. I hope to put into practice some of the new things I'm learning with this new novel!

Folks, here's a confession: I really know nothing about how to use Microsoft Excel. I should know how to use Excel, but I've resisted learning for many many years mainly because it's just so boring. LOL. But now that I'm keeping track of how much money I make or how many books I sell or all of the different places that I buy advertising, I really need to know Excel. There is just no avoiding it anymore! So I purchased this Go Skills Excel Course for $25 from AppSumo this past week. And I'm going to learn enough Excel to definitely get by.

I said I was going to teach myself new things this year! I'm getting started on the right foot. Now I'm wondering what I'll want to learn next!

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On… My Continuing Education”

  1. Those two trainings you bought both sound helpfull. I hope they are both good trainings.

    I use excel a lot, but mostly for simple things, beside that I don’t know much of the program as during my psychology study we used SPSS for statistics instead of excel, so I know how to compute ANOVA’s and other statistical analysis in SPSS, but not idea how to do so excel.
    Luckily nowadays I don’t really need that knowledge, although it would be nice to know more and not have to do a google search every time I want to do something slightly more complicated.

    1. Right. And I can google search everything I need but I want to try a course and see if it makes me comfortable overall in the program. Right now, I hate opening it at all! :)

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