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Sunday Update – October 4, 2015

So, we had a really crazy week here. Last Sunday, right after I posted my Sunday Update, my daughter fell off the monkey bars at the playground and broke her arm. Unfortunately, it was a really bad break. She broke both bones in her left forearm and needed surgery. So my Sunday and Monday and Tuesday were all spent either worrying about her or at the hospital. It was really scary to watch her go through surgery being so young, at only five years old. I've never broken a bone in my life! And I've also never had surgery, so I had no idea what to expect. But like the trooper she is, she came through with flying colors. She had pins put in her arm under surgery and now her arm is all bound up in the cast. She actually really loves her cast! And a week later she is doing well.

With everything that happened, I didn't get much work done this past week. My daughter needed to stay home and rest, so I stayed home with her and we played or watched TV together or colored together. It wasn't until yesterday, Saturday, that I got any work done, and I finished REVEALED! I'm really excited about finishing another book! And I hope everyone who loves the Nogiku Series will love this book too.

Other than dealing with the bad break, I didn't do much of anything this past week. I spent the time cleaning up the house, or baking or cooking, or just relaxing and reading. I really hope that next week has a lot less drama.

What else happened this week?

My 5yo broke her arm really badly yesterday and more than 24 hours later she is finally out of surgery. They aligned her bones and put in rods, and now we have recovery to worry about. But the hospital has been great. Very kid friendly. They brought us playdoh today and we played together. Thank you to all my friends and family who helped us out and sent prayers and good vibes. Xoxo. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

The hospital we were at was really nice and kid friendly. While my daughter was in bed suffering the pain of a broken arm, they brought her toys and playdoh. We made a few hearts together while waiting around for surgery.

Home from the hospital means a giant mojito with fresh mint from our CSA.

When we were finally home from the hospital I needed a GIANT drink. GIANT.

Seasonal applesauce making! Looking forward to it over oatmeal tomorrow. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

I made a batch of applesauce which will go nicely with the oatmeal I've been eating a few times per week.

Another THE END. Thank goodness this one is finally complete! It's been a long time and coming. #amwriting #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

And yes, I finally finished REVEALED. I have no idea when I'm going to publish this. I need to start working on a cover for it later today.

And that's about it. I plan on posting a few times to the blog this week. We'll see how that goes!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – October 4, 2015”

  1. It sounds like your daughter dealt really well with the cast! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been to go to the hospital with her and have her need surgery. I hope she’ll be fine! It does sound like a great hospital with how child friendly they were and gave her toys and playdough.

    Yay that’s great news you finished Revealed, I am looking forward to reading it! That applesauce sounds delicious! Yum! I hope you’ll have a great week!

    1. Thanks Lola. It was such a hard week and so difficult watching my baby go into surgery. I’m glad she’s on the mend and feeling a whole lot better now.

      I’m going to start working on the Revealed cover this week and outlining my next novel, so I’m hoping to be back on that horse really soon.

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