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Random Thoughts on… My Blog, Amazon, and Lifting Weights

I was thinking about how John Scalzi handles his website today. I like the fact that some days he just posts what he's thinking about or what he's doing or even a photo he took and that's it. I should do that more often. So I am. I'll throw all of these posts into the Random Thoughts Diary category here for future reference.

At the gym this morning, I was listening to the Sell More Books Show podcast and they were talking about how Amazon's servers took a dump this past weekend and most of the site (and a whole bunch of other sites) struggled to stay online and working for a few hours until they fixed it. I'm sure a lot of people were saying it was an argument against exclusivity, but I'll admit that it didn't faze me one bit. I'm actually surprised stays online pretty much all the time. Downtime is to be expected and yet this was the first time they've struggled in a long time. I wasn't worried at all. Look, if Amazon goes out of business tomorrow and closes up shop, I'll just upload my books to the other vendors and pray the world doesn't fall into an apocalypse. Trust me. We're going to have bigger problems than just Amazon going out of business if it ever does. Think about how many online businesses depend on Amazon, not just authors? So keep calm and carry on, folks!

I was lifting weights and realized how far I've come there. I'm up to 90lbs on the tricep press, 50lbs on the chest press, 130lbs on the leg press, and I've increased on a bunch of others too. It always feels good to lift weights. I really enjoy it. I came home and had a second breakfast, though. Lol. I'm always hungry when I come home from the gym.

I promised myself I would work all day today! So I'm going to cut this diary entry off now and get back to work. Tonight is free as well from distractions, so I'm going to try not to poop out once the kids go to bed, and keep working then too. Wish me luck! And more tea.


1 thought on “Random Thoughts on… My Blog, Amazon, and Lifting Weights”

  1. Fun idea to just share random things or pictures! I heard about amazon being down, but like you said it’s surprising they aren’t down more often. I also hear some people complain when due to their hosting provider their website or blog is down, but I think no mater where you host or which sites you use to buy books, it can always happen they are offline for a bit or something goes wrong. It’s inconvenient, but it isn’t the end of the world.

    And those that want to buy your book, will probably return to amazon after it’s live again, so I don’t think you really lose sales over that. And indeed there will be bigger problems if amazon goes out of business, although I think the chance that will happen is very small. You can always uplaod your books everywhere else when that happens.

    I hope you got a lot of work done!

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