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Sunday Update – September 20, 2015

Last week I talked about updating my blog more often and wouldn't you know it, I didn't update at all last week! Though I have been thinking about more things to blog about, so it's not that far from my mind. I'm going to participate in more discussion posts, top 10 Tuesdays, and I'm going to write about my transition to writing new genres as well. Hopefully I can get some of those going this week, but I'm working on finishing REVEALED so I'm not sure if I'll have the extra time. We'll see how much I get done! I'm still really glad for these Sunday Updates because they always give me a chance to blog.

This past week flew by. My kids were home from school on Monday because our district observes Rosh Hashanah, and then the rest of the week was a blur. I worked on REVEALED and planned out the last few chapters I would have to write for it. I exercised several days, ran errands, and kept up with my usual work. Last night, my husband and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary! We ubered a car into NYC for dinner and drinks together while our awesome babysitter took care of the girls at home for us. It was so nice to have a night out. We don't do that often and it felt very deserved.

What else happened this week?

I love the leg press. #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto #workout #gymlife

I really love going to the gym and lifting weights. It feels awesome to get stronger every week.

My evening with Anne Shirley.

Instead of watching the GOP Presidential Debate, I tucked in and watched the first half of Anne of Green Gables. Ahhhh. It was great to get back to a childhood classic. My husband will be traveling this week so I plan to watch the rest while he's out of town.

Nothing like being done with grocery shopping by 9:15am. #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto #wholefoods

One of the best things about having free time every day now is that I can get things done early in the morning and have the rest of the day for other things. I dropped the kids off at school at 8:30 and went straight to Whole Foods to grocery shop. I was done by 9:20 and able to meet up with Amy Evans for writing by 10:00. That's so nice. I much prefer shopping while no one else is at store and getting things done and out of the way early. Somedays, I wish I could just sleep in, but I'm slowly getting used to being up early every day.

New #jamicure! This is Tom the new catalog, Ribbon Dance. Thanks to @skylarbliss78 for sending it to me. #jamberry #jamberrynails #jamberryaddict

And I put on new Jamberry wraps! These are from the new catalog, Ribbon Dance. I recently switched to the Cold Application Method, which is putting the wraps on cold then applying heat and pressure, instead of heating the wraps first and after placement. I really like this method a lot more and the last two wraps I put on lasted longer than 10 days each with no lifting at the tips! That's pretty big. I usually have some lifting on my right index finger since I use that nail a lot. Anyway, I get better at my Jamberries every time I use them.

Have a great week everyone!

S. J. Pajonas