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Sunday Update – September 13, 2015

This was the week that I saw freedom for the first time in eight years. I passed by our usual crossing guard on the way home from dropping the kids at school, and he said, “Don't look so happy.” Lol. I told him, “I'm happy with my life.” And I truly am. I managed to get two kids all the way from birth into school and I didn't screw it up. That's amazing. I never thought I'd make it to the day when my youngest went into kindergarten, but here we are! I have off 8:30am to 2:30pm everyday. Six whole hours to do what I want or need to do. It's awesome. It's freedom like I've never had. Before I had kids there was work and before that college and school. This is a whole new level of awesome.

That's not to say I just sit on the couch and eat chocolate and watch Oprah. This week I dropped the kids off and exercised, ran errands, and wrote or edited every day. On Thursday, my routine with Amy Evans started up again and we sat at Panera and had breakfast and lunch together while we worked and talked. It wasn't a full week because Monday was Labor Day, and next week won't be a full week either because tomorrow, Monday, is Rosh Hashanah, and even though we aren't Jewish, our school system has the day off.

This week I was working on REVEALED and it's coming along well. I wrote a thousand new words into it yesterday and I plan to work on it again later today. I was also beta reading for Tracy Krimmer this week and that took up some leisure time. Now that all of my beta reading duties are done, I'm going to go back to reading about writing mysteries!

What else happened this week?

Last day at the pool. Got my book, watermelon, and all day to soak up the sun. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

We had our last day at the pool and now it's closed. :( It was a beautiful day last Sunday and we soaked it all up outside with friends.

Finally wearing my Nepal Relief #jamberry wraps! Love them! #jamberrynails #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

I put on new Jamberry wraps! Love these. This is the Nepal Relief wrap that was on sale just for fund raising for Nepal when they had that giant earthquake a few months back.

I bought myself a bright pink flute! It's ABS plastic and sounds surprisingly good. Not as good as my old Gemeinhardt (which I want to buy a new one someday) but this was affordable.  I picked it up and immediately started playing. Missed playing it! #365days #ig2015 #dailyphoto

I bought a flute! I had a Gemeinhardt flute growing up, and I sold it in college to pay for books. Sigh. College is so expensive. Anyway, I bought this ABS plastic student flute to check it out, and it plays well and sounds pretty damned good for a plastic flute. Someday I'll get myself a new silver Gemeinhardt but this will do in the mean time. I want to make time to play more often.

Got my Hobonichi Techo today! Super excited to go into 2016 with a new planner and a commitment to journal more often. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #hobonichi #hobonichitecho #hobonichiplanner

And my Hobonichi Techo planner came! I'm making a commitment in 2016 to journal more and this is my incentive to do it. I'm really glad I take Instagram pictures every day and I do this update every week otherwise I wouldn't remember everything I do. My memory is so bad lately! So I'm hoping that daily journaling will help too. I don't want to forget all the amazing stuff that happens in my life!

And that's it! See you around these parts later this week.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – September 13, 2015”

  1. Sounds like you had a good week, must be nice to have so much freedom during the day now with both your kids on school.

    Those jamberry wraps are pretty with the red colour and flowers, they remind me a bit of strawberries. I never learned how to play the flute, although I did play the keyboard for a while I eventually stopped. I am not really a musical person. Nice that that plastic flute still works so well.

    Your new planner looks great! I hope it’s helpfull. Have a great week!

    1. It’s very nice to have the kids in school and have an almost predictable schedule (not including any forthcoming sick days or snow days). Predictable schedules are important for me! I like having a regular routine. :)

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