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Teaser Tuesday: Love In Days And Nights

It's the last Teaser Tuesday for SUMMER HAIKUS! This New Adult contemporary romance will be out on Thursday! Woo! Okay, this is another one of the romantic haikus in the story. It comes from Masa to Isa to while they're out having a day of sightseeing. But, of course, it confuses the heck out of her because the word “love” appears in it, and Masa hasn't made a move on her yet. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


I loved ratcheting up the tension between these two by throwing lots of mixed signals into their everyday routines. Masa calls her a friend, but then he says he loves her in a haiku. Lol. It was a lot of fun to play with the two of them.

I hope you've enjoyed all the teasers for this book! And I hope you'll purchase and enjoy the story as well. Remember that this is only $2.99 and will be a $1 off for the first week it's available.

You can purchase through the links below.


S. J. Pajonas