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Teaser Thursday: Pens

If there's one thing that Isa is good at, besides running, it's planning. She can plan just about anything and has since she was in high school. It's the way she's dealt with stress for years, and it's how she gets through each and every day without having a panic attack. One of the major themes of SUMMER HAIKUS is “learning to live outside of your comfort zone” which is not something that is easy for Isa. In fact, anything outside of her comfort zone, including confessing her love for Masa, is a big no-no. So when disaster strikes and one thing after another happens, we get the chance to witness how she deals with an upended life.


Thankfully, Masa is there to help her, whether she wants him to see her floundering or not. Pens may not be the most romantic gift in this case, but rest assured, they are exactly what Isa needs, and they become a signal to the changing tide of their relationship.

Don't miss out on my newest contemporary romance, SUMMER HAIKUS, out on August 6th, 2015! You can pre-order it from the following online retailers for $2.99, $1 off the normal price.


2 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday: Pens”

  1. This might be my favourite teaser so far! I loved that scene in the book and how the gift is so thoughfull, because Masa knows what Isa likes! Love it!
    Just finished Summer Haikus yesterday evening and I loved it. Such a great book and the epilogue was perfect and made me happy for them! Will write my review later today. Thanks for mentioning me in the acknowledgements!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I really love this teaser as well. It’s my favorite of the bunch because it’s such a perfect moment in the book and the colors of the pens are eye-catching.

      You’re quite welcome! You deserve to be in the acknowledgments :)

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