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Teaser Tuesday: Selfie Of Two Friends

One of the most beautiful areas of Michigan State University is the WJ Beal Botanical Gardens along the river in spring. You just can't beat that walk between classes, wandering among the flowers, and taking the time to breathe deep and enjoy the fact that MSU was once, and still very much is, an agricultural college.

Beal Botanical Garden tour w Peter Carrington04
Credit Bill Musser. Used in accordance with CC license.

I used to wander that area all the time and have very fond memories of spring after a harsh Michigan winter.

When I was writing SUMMER HAIKUS, I knew I wanted to include some of my favorite buildings and spaces on campus from when I was there. Bryan Hall in Brody Complex, now called Brody Neighborhood, is where I lived my freshman year, and I walked past Sparty, IM West, down by the river, past the stadium, and to Wells Hall where most of my English classes were.

So when Isa and Masa walk in the garden, I had them take a very telling selfie… at least this selfie tells a lot about how Isa feels about Masa.


Sometimes pictures say a lot more than we think they do.

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S. J. Pajonas