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Teaser Tuesday: Better Than The Perfect Run

There will be Teaser Tuesday and Thursdays for Summer Haikus and this week we'll see two of them before we even see the cover! I wanted to try something new this time around and do the cover reveal later, closer to publication date, but I still wanted to do my traditional teasers and blog posts. This means I'm mixing it up and testing the waters of something a little new…

Summer Haikus Teaser

SUMMER HAIKUS wouldn't live up to its own name without actual haikus in the book, right? This particular one is special, but I won't give away why. Isa is smart and sweet but overshadowed by her awesome best friend, Halley, at almost every juncture. In fact, Isa thinks she's pretty much no good at anything besides running, even though Halley is the Olympic marathon runner, not her. Still, this doesn't stop Isa from doing some pretty amazing things in this book, most notably living WAY outside her comfort zone and finding something she excels at, enough to make it her career someday. But in the end, even after all the things she loves most, she thinks Masa tops the list of things to love. I hear he's pretty dreamy too. ;) :heart:

Don't miss out on my newest contemporary romance, SUMMER HAIKUS, out on August 6th, 2015! You can pre-order it from the following online retailers for $2.99, $1 off the normal price.


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  1. Gah can’t wait to start this book and this teaser only makes me more excited. Great teaser! And I am looking forward to see the rest of the teasers for this book, you always make such great teasers!

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