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FACE TIME’s Missing Epilogue

When I originally wrote FACE TIME, I gave it an epilogue, a happily-ever-after, ties-up-loose-ends chapter of Laura and Lee, and then sent it out to my early readers. I was glad I had wrapped up their story, and I was looking forward to moving onto other contemporary romances I had in mind to write. When I got the feedback from readers, they overwhelming told me to drop the epilogue and instead make the whole shebang into a series. They loved the story so much they didn't want to see it end. I thought it was a great idea at the time, so that's what I ended up doing. I dropped the epilogue and thought about writing another book in the series.

A year later, I realized that Lee and Laura's story was done for me. I had considered writing about other characters in the series (Nicole or Justin), but, still, no good ideas came to mind. Instead I have had other ideas for stories (SUMMER HAIKUS) and even more contemporary romances set in the US and Japan, but nothing like FACE TIME. Don't get me wrong. I loved LOVED LOVED FACE TIME, but I knew that train had left the station.

So in an effort to give back that happily-ever-after ending, I have rewritten and published FACE TIME‘s missing epilogue. If you bought FACE TIME on one of the vendors (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, or All Romance eBooks), the new files with the epilogue are on their servers. You can download the newest version or contact customer support at those vendors to get the newer files. OR you can read it right now on my website!

If you got FACE TIME for free from me in the newsletter, please check your email because I sent information about this epilogue last night.

FACE TIME is now a part of the Happily Ever Asia series, contemporary romances set in and around Asia, so if you loved it, you should definitely check out SUMMER HAIKUS which comes out August 6, 2015. As part of the roll-up into a new series, FACE TIME got a little cover facelift and a new blurb. You can check out both here.

1 thought on “FACE TIME’s Missing Epilogue”

  1. I read the epilogue yesterday when I got the newsletter and I think it wraps things up neatly, gives us an idea how their lives continue on. Personally I love epilogues as I like seeing a glimpse of the future and it often gives me that happy satisfied feeling.

    Although I didn’t really missed the epilogue when I read Face Time, I think it’s better with the epilogue. And while I am a bit sad there won’t be a book about Nicole, I also like your current idea for the series of asian inspired romance. And it’s better to write other books than force yourself to make Face Time in a series when you don’t have the inspiration. I am just happy you are writing more contemporary romances as I loved Face Time ;). Can’t wait to read Summer Haikus!

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