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Sunday Update – June 28, 2015

For the first time in a long time, we had a guest at our house the last two days, so this update is coming a little later than usual! It's great to see old friends, talk, and reminisce.

We also had a really busy week around here with summer camp starting up and new routines being set in place. This past week was our strange transition week, the week between school ending and town camp starting, when I had to fill in with other camps and routines that were only going to last five days. But we all made it through despite me being really nervous I was going to mess something up.

In writing news, I finished up a read-through of SUMMER HAIKUS this week, inputted all of my changes, and heard back from my editor that no major developmental changes needed to be made. Huzzah! Now it's just little things. And I can get ARCs out to my team hopefully by July 10th. I also worked on getting pre-orders set up on all the vendors. SUMMER HAIKUS will have a cover reveal on July 17th (Sign up here if you're interested in participating) and newsletter subscribers will see the cover first on July 15th!

I'm also close to finishing a new short story in the Kami No Sekai series which I hope to publish around the same time as the cover reveal. This way I only have to send out one newsletter! :)

What else happened this week?

It's Monday and my selfie stick is here! @lklewisauthor #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

I bought a selfie stick. I always thought they were a little silly until I actually used one and then I thought HEY THESE ARE GENIUS. Yeah. My husband is embarrassed to be seen with me now. ;)

CSA veggies unite! Butter lettuce, arugula, frise, salad turnips, tomatoes, croutons, pine nuts, sardines, and balsamic vinaigrette. Omg yum! But very labor intensive to wash everything. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

Now that we belong to a CSA I'm eating salads like they're going out of style.

A sign of summer! Love watermelon! #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Summer around here means lots of watermelon!

Over the top of my kindle.

And trips to the pool!

New #jamberrynails! This is Punchy Puff. I love them. #jamberry #ig2015 #365days #dailyphoto

Plus, I gave myself another new Jamberry manicure that I love. This one is Punchy Puff. It's super cute and plenty summery!

I have a lot going on this week. I'm updating FACE TIME with an epilogue and updated cover! (You'll hear more about it later!) There'll be a Full Moon Report and probably another Book Chat because I am churning through a read right now I'm loving. And then maybe I'll even do another for-fun post. We'll see how much time I have.

Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – June 28, 2015”

  1. A transition week is always difficult, I dislike getting used to new routines. I hope your kids enjoy summer camp. I am happy to hear you are almnost finished with Summer Haikus and yay for planning to get ARC’s out around the tenth, can’t wait to read it! And that’s great news about another short story almost being finished as well. About which object is this one or can’t you spoil that yet? Sounds like you had a productive week!
    I never have made salads myself yet, I usually buy them premade. I might have to give it a try once. I like these new jamberry nails, they are cute and summery indeed. i am curious about the Face Time epilogue and new cover. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    1. I’m very close to have ARCs done of Summer Haikus! Nicole is doing her tech edit read-through now and so is my eagle-eyed Mom :) I should be right on time!

      The next Kami No Sekai short story is about a bike! I’m editing it right now and I hope to have it ready to go for July as well.

      Salads are very easy to make if you have a certain kind you like and eat frequently. I like my homemade balsamic vinaigrette and I have a few things I always put in my salads. The fresh greens from my CSA are a pain to clean, but that’s okay because they taste awesome!

      The Face Time cover is not all that different. I’m basically taking the series name off and tweaking the fonts a little bit, but yes, there’s an epilogue! It’s already to go, so I need to set up my plan for updating the files everywhere and sending out a newsletter about it! I hope to make my list for that this afternoon.

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