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Sunday Update – June 14, 2015

Almost forgot my Sunday Update post! And I haven't checked my blogs in a few days either because I have been killing it on SUMMER HAIKUS revisions. In fact, I'm calling them done as of now! Woo! I have 4 scenes left to run through AutoCrit and look for repetitive words and what not, but I expect to have it off to my editor, Nicole, and some readers tomorrow. Phew. I'm so glad it's done. Now I will just be doing cleanup work before getting it up on NetGalley and out to ARC readers next month.

What else have I been doing besides edits?

How we do the sprinkler around here. #kids #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

It's been hot here, so lots of sprinkler action…

Kiddie pool with solar cover. Lol. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015

And the kiddie pool, here covered with garbage bags to heat it up during the day.

Part of our first CSA box! Snap peas, mint, potatoes, bok choy and radishes! Yum. #dailyphoto #365days #ig2015 #veggies

We got our first CSA shipment this week with lots of veggies!

My #jamberry order came today including the custom black & white asanoha print I made! (2nd from right). #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #jamberrynails

New Jamberries arrived.

Order has been restored to the universe. #amreading #pool #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

And we spent Saturday afternoon at the pool, my first trip for the summer.

So, what's ahead this week? Not much on the blog, BUT I will be at UtopYA in Nashville, TN, Thursday through Sunday! If you'll be there, please say hi! I'll have a bag with REMOVED on the side of it, so you can't miss me.

I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule next week!

1 thought on “Sunday Update – June 14, 2015”

  1. Eep! That’s great news you finished edits on Summer Haikus!
    Looks like you had some nice summer weather this week. Your kids look cute standing there with their umbrella’s! And your new jamberries look fun, I especially like the one with black and white!
    Have fun at UtopYA!


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