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And my next contemporary romance is… SUMMER HAIKUS

I woke up this morning and decided to announce my next upcoming novel. I've been hesitating since I wasn't sure I could get it done in time, but after kicking butt on revisions all this week, I feel confident I can make this book happen.

So here are all the details!

Title: Summer Haikus
Release Date: Aug 6, 2015
Series: Happily Ever Asia (More on this below…)

“When it comes to fight or flight, I always choose to run like hell.”

Isa planned the perfect summer:
Tokyo and the Summer Olympics — check.
Helping her best friend prepare for the marathon — check.
Forgetting she's in love with Masa — double check.

But when Isa's mother is hospitalized, she has to abandon her summer plans to run the family's Tokyo business. Masa’s offer to help makes it impossible for Isa to ignore him — and the firecracker kiss they shared half a world away. Everyone expects the world of her, but the pressure to please them all is as oppressive as the Tokyo summer heat. The simplest answer to all her problems? Run.

Sounds good, right? At least, I hope you want to read it! This is the book I've been referring to as “Tokyo Run” for the last couple of months. Yes, it has the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Yes, there's a love story (it's a romance!). And it has all the Japanese elements I love so much in my books. It was also fun to write a lot of haikus. :)

You can find the book on Goodreads now:

I will have pre-order links available at the same time as the cover reveal scheduled for July 17th. This book will also be available on NetGalley for a month around that time! If you're a book blogger and want to read this, please drop me a note and I'll add you to my ARC list for SUMMER HAIKUS or you can request it on NetGalley once it's available.

Happily Ever Asia?

Since FACE TIME covered A LOT of ground about love in the digital age, I've decided not to write more books about that topic, but I am instead going to continue to write about romance in Asia! FACE TIME will now fall under the Happily Ever Asia umbrella (it will have an adjusted cover soon) and any other books I write with this theme, like SUMMER HAIKUS, will also fall into this series. They will all be stand-alone novels with happily ever after endings.

9 thoughts on “And my next contemporary romance is… SUMMER HAIKUS”

  1. Katie L. Carroll

    Yay! Face Time was awesome! I love your Japanese inspired contemporary romances…and happy endings of course.

  2. I am so excited for this book and reading the blurb made me even more looking forward to this book. When I read the blurb I also could see why you first called it Tokyo Run and how those two words are still found in the blurb now.
    And I like the idea of adding all your asia themed romances under one series name. Goodreads actually has two ways to categorize series numbered or not, although I actually hardly ever see series that aren’t numbered.

    1. Amazon allows you to put books under a series name without a number too, so that’s what I’m going to do :) Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating my site and the FACE TIME cover and blurb too. Hopefully this can bring some life back to FT!

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