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Full Moon Report – Sagittarius (2)

It's that time of the month again! The full moon this year for June falls on the 2nd and last year it fell on the 13th, a Friday. The moon phases are only about 28 days long, so they don't line up with our months neatly. Next year will be very different :)

This full moon is in the fire sign, Sagittarius, one of my favorite signs of the zodiac! My husband is a Sag (I pronounce this “sadge” like “badge”) and many of the men I've come to know in my life are as well.

Anyway, this full moon should be rather fun since Sagittarius is a fun-loving, hilarious, travel-obsessed fire sign. You may find yourself optimistic for the next week, ready to conquer new projects or jump on a plane to that hot destination you've been dreaming about. Now is a good time to go on long walks, read lots of books, study hard, and maybe start a project with an international friend. All activities, connected with sports, outdoor recreation, traveling, excursion, and reading will thrive, so if the weather is nice, GET OUTSIDE!

For some reason, this is not a good time to garden or work on stone projects, so maybe stay away from house projects for the next week.

Another interesting note about this full moon is that it's the “Strawberry Full Moon.” Given the amount of strawberry photos I saw on Facebook this weekend, that's very believable! And the full tide on the 2nd is supposed to be very big. If you live by the shore, watch out for it!

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