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Teaser Tuesday – The End Of The Road

So I'm a big fan of Happily Ever After, but sometimes, especially for this series, it doesn't make sense to end things in a nice little package with a ribbon on top. I had two goals for the end of this book and this story arc, and I give those to readers, and pretty much nothing else. Lol.

There is hardship. There is death. But there is also hope and the promise of a love, family, and a new generation at the end.


This particular quote comes in the final third of the book when all is almost lost, and it's time to buck up and deal with the enemy. Sanaa is broken, and Jiro is there to help pick up the pieces. That's what we love about him, right?

Extra tidbit: The final battle in this book is an homage to all the samurai movies I watched in my twenties, especially Seven Samurai. Sometimes big battles are not fought with armies on the field :)


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2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – The End Of The Road”

  1. I had expected the big battle at the end to be honest. I think you ended this series really well, even though it surprised me there wasn’t a big battle. Now that it’s been longer ago since I finished I think I like the ending more, you stay true to the series and make the ending realistic and while that means not everyone get’s their happy ending, it is a good ending. And this is another great teaser!

    1. Expect the unexpected, as usual :) Lol. I thought about a big battle with legions of horses and canons and archers and the scope was too large, and all I could think was booorrrriiiing. A small assault made a lot more sense so I worked it that way.

      And thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the teasers and that the ending still sticks with you :)

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