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Full Moon Report – Scorpio (2)

Brace yourself! We're back in the full moon of Scorpio, and you can expect quite an emotional ride these next few days. My calendar says the full moon is both Sunday and Monday, so I'm giving you plenty of notice here. Are you feeling overly emotional? Are all those emotions coming straight out of your eyes? Yeah, be prepared to cry a lot in the next few days. Scorpio is a turbulent water sign, and often described as the one sign that does not act like its element. If anything, Scorpio acts like Fire not Water, so you can only imagine what that will do to us for the next few days.

During this time you may find the ability to control yourself is missing. Overuse of drugs, alcohol, and especially sex are typical. But this time is not all bad! You may find that your intuition and concentration are especially sharp and sitting down to ponder the wonders of the universe will be a very attractive idea. During this time, the subconsciousness becomes very active, intuition increases, and the ability to understand the unexplainable, the mysterious, is heightened. Don't be surprised if suddenly EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. Lol. Easy there.

My guide to this full moon says to avoid family gatherings which is impossible for us as we're having a family party at our house tomorrow. Sigh. I should always look up the full moon first.

I remember the Scorpio full moon last year. It was a nightmare. Everyone was cranky and emotional, and I didn't sleep well for days. If you don't hear from me, be thankful! I will hole up until it's all over with.

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