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Teaser Tuesday – All The Animals

If there's one thing to know about RECLAIMED before you get into the book, it's that animals play an important role in the rest of Sanaa's life. They've been waiting for her, flocking to her when she didn't even realize it. And now, they'll be a permanent part of her existence for the rest of time. Jiro, though, would like to make sure they don't take over the bed for good.


If you know me at all, you'll laugh at this. I may be a romance writer, but I do not push naked bodies in your face on my blog, Facebook, or wherever. The text is a little sexy, but the image is a direct contrast :) And I kind of like that! The rest of the images in the teaser series will be a lot like this one.


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2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – All The Animals”

  1. I love all the animals in Reclaimed and I love this teaser image, so cute! The animals certainly play a big part in this book. I am hoping to finish Reclaimed this evening!

    1. You’re making excellent progress through the ARC! I loved adding in all the animals this book. There was a taste of them in REUNITED, and now Boom! Lots of animals :)

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