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Sunday Update – April 12, 2015

I'm sitting outside working on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Nothing could be better than this! I just sent off uncorrected review ARCs to both my mailing list and my proofreaders. Which means I am several days ahead of schedule! I hope to have the final file to Amazon and all the other vendors by the beginning of May. Woo! Now, it's time to finish up the Pinterest board and image teasers for RECLAIMED. I have big things coming up for the whole series in May! I hope you're ready!

Not much else has gotten done this week. Proofreading and spring cleaning took up all my time…

Spring clouds. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

It was a dreary week weather-wise. Lots of clouds and rain, which actually made me believe I would be fine living in Seattle all winter. Lol. I like the warmer weather, rain and clouds a whole lot more than 0ºF and 5 feet of snow.

A colorful morning of playdoh. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

We played with playdoh a lot since we were inside.

New #jamberrynails manicure! Mint chevron and some flower one I got in a sample. This time I used tape method on a few nails to test it out and got better results! Much happier with this one! #jamberry #nails

I put on some brand new Jamberry nails! I'm obsessed with these things and really love all the patterns, colors, and styles plus the easy on and off. Looking at them every day makes me super happy.

Ah. The fun of #springcleaning and emptying out the front hall closet. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Spring cleaning began by cleaning out the front hall closet! Next up, the other hall closet and then the basement. We're getting a treadmill and treadmill desk soon and it needs to go in the basement. I'm super excited to get a treadmill desk. I can't wait to walk and work at the same time.

The roses I received this week are looking lovely! #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

My friend and fellow author, Heidi Joy Tretheway, sent me flowers this week to cheer me up and they couldn't have come at a better time. I've been feeling very down about my work and book sales and my future as an author, so her note and the fact that she was thinking of me meant a whole lot (I'm totally crying right now). It gave me a much needed boost during a very bad week emotion-wise.

Before and After. New asymmetrical hair. I loves it! #hair #haircut #curly #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Finally I got a brand new hair cut and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It's fresh and stylish and, most importantly, off my neck. Along with my new color, it's really perfect for me. I'm super happy with it.

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – April 12, 2015”

  1. I just got my copy of Reclaimed, can’t wait to read it! Eep so excited for this book! I just need to finish a few other books first.

    That picture of the flower is really pretty! That’s so nice of her to send you flowers and that’s great timing that they arrived on a day you were feeling down.

    I did some sring cleaning as well as my sister is moving out, so we have some empty spaces and can reorganize some things. I already got some cleaning and reorganizing done in the kitchen. Next up is my book room which is filled with stuff and we’re going to move some things to the room that belonged to my sister.

    Your new hair style looks great, I love the asymetrical style! Although long hair is warm in the summer, I just can’t cut mine off, I love long hair. I ust let it grow longer and longer. Although wearing it in a braid works pretty well to keep cool in summer.

    1. I can’t do the long hair. I have tried, but it always just hangs there limply and never looks healthy or nice. Sigh. I’m just not meant for it.

      I have more spring cleaning ahead! I’d like to get the majority done before we leave on Spring Break in a week. We’ll see how much I accomplish.

      I can’t wait for you to read RECLAIMED! I’m super nervous about this book finally being out there. Eeeep!

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