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Book Chat #12 – John Scalzi

I just finished listening to another John Scalzi novel, REDSHIRTS: A NOVEL WITH THREE CODAS narrated by Wil Wheaton. Interestingly enough, I had purchased this for Kindle on sale some time last year, but then Audible had a huge sale too a few weeks ago and I got the audio version to listen to instead. Why? Because Wil Wheaton, of course! As both a writer, a scifi reader, and a Trekkie, I felt this novel hit all my sweet spots. It was funny and perfectly derivative in a way that made me happy. I can see why it won the Hugo award. It was well-deserved. I listened to this mostly while working around the house and at the gym. I'll admit that I laughed out loud several times and scared people around me :)

Next up in audiobooks? I'm not sure. But I know of one I'm going to try and I'll certainly pipe up if I'm loving it!

I'm currently proofreading RECLAIMED before it makes it to my real proofreaders, and as such, I had to pull myself away from Susan Kaye Quinn's FIRST DAUGHTER! I bought this book in a fit of desperation, I'll admit it. I started and abandoned several books on my Kindle before giving up and just buying something I KNEW I wanted to read. This is the last book of the series and I loved the first two books, so I figured it was a safe bet. I'm about 40% through and can't wait to pick it up again once my proofreading is complete. By the way, if you haven't read this series yet, you should! The first is only 99¢.

Somewhere along the line it became harder and harder for me to read stories without dissecting them or getting caught by the author's voice or the story's lack of momentum. I'm glad there are still many books out there that can keep me satisfied as a reader!

4 thoughts on “Book Chat #12 – John Scalzi”

  1. I really want to read the rest of The Dharian trilogy soon, I own the last two books, but there are so many other books i want to read as well. I’ve been on a contemporary romance reading spree these past few weeks. It’s nice to be able to read whatever I am in the mood for. And I read Washing Statue Wanderlust, which was a lot of fun!

    1. I really wanted to read some scifi-ish books and started two only to not be interested in the first 10% and give up. Sigh. I’m glad to be back in the Dharian world!

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