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Sunday Update – March 29, 2015

Where did this week go? I'm sitting here thinking about what we did, and I honestly can't remember much except for being busy. That's probably a good thing! It means things went smoothly, and no big hiccups came to claim my time and sanity.

I did a lot of work-work. I edited 10 chapters of RECLAIMED, got blog posts up, and then worked on the pre-orders for RECLAIMED. The lovely people at Draft2Digital made it possible for me to set up pre-orders on Barnes & Noble and iBooks without needing to upload a draft file. That's so nice and made everything easy. All Romance eBooks continues to be a joy to work with, mainly because you press the button, and your work goes live on the website, no waiting. Amazon was my biggest hold-up. Once again, they took the longest when they used to take the shortest amount of time. Don't know what's up with that. Anyway, if you missed the announcement, take a look at this post.

The weather continues to get more spring-like even though it is still pretty cold here (today it was barely in the 40s). We've been walking to school again every morning. It's nice to be back in that habit everyday.

Me and my shadow(s). #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Long shadows in the morning.

My days are filling up with candy! #ig2015 #dailyphoto #365days

My editing calendar fills with candy!

A collection of owls. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Art night at school was fun and filled with awesome student art, including this collection of owls.

Omg. @skylarbliss78 @notscarlett @lolly_fit. They were right inside the front door at WF! And on sale!

Mangoes are in season and ON SALE! Yum. Afternoon snack.

What To Expect This Week On The Blog

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Wednesday: April Fool's! From SFR Station
Friday: Full Moon Report
Saturday: An Announcement About REVEALED!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update – March 29, 2015”

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about Washing Statue Wanderlust! Will make sure to stop by on thursday.

    We had a week with mild temperatures, but lots of rain, but I guess that’s part of spring as well. Those mango’s look delicious! I really like mango’s although I haven’t eaten them in a while, maybe next time they are for sale here.

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