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3:15 Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea

It's the first review of something from my Asian Grocery Store! Yay! For today's post, I have chosen something simple, as a way of easing myself into this new blog category. I'm always fascinated with the massive variety of teas at this grocery store. They have a whole aisle devoted to just tea. Since tea is all I drink for caffeine, I decided to pick up something new this time around.


3:15 Brand, Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea

This particular package jumped out at me. How can I resist “Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea”? I had to know what it tastes like. Would it be The Sun and The Moon all in one dreamy tea? Let's find out.


First, I like the fact that the bigger bag had individual servings of the tea in foil packets. I can easily throw this in my work bag and take it with me for writing on the go.

Here are a few things to know about this tea:

1) It's black tea AND oolong tea, so you need to like both to drink it.
2) It also contains non-dairy creamer and sugar, so if you don't like either of those, this isn't for you.

The instructions say to either let it steep for a short amount of time for more milky and less strong tea or to let it steep longer for more tea.


The tea bags are pretty big and come out in a whiff of non-dairy cream powder.


I let mine steep for at least five minutes because I like TEA (aka I like strong tea, never weak. It needs to be like a hammer over the head.)

VERDICT: I like this tea a lot even though I generally do not drink a lot of oolong tea. I really should drink more oolong because it's a nice change of pace from the Assam and Earl Grey I usually drink. The milky flavor was good and the sweetness was not too sweet. I'm trying to cut back on sugar so I won't drink this often but it's good with a snack in the afternoon.

RATING: I give this 8 out of 10 stars. I like it and will drink it all. Will I buy it again? Maybe. I saw other flavors of this brand of tea, so I might want to try them next time.

5 thoughts on “3:15 Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea”

  1. What a fun name for a tea! I am always amazed at how many different tea flavours asian supermarkets have, although I rarely try any as I prefer earl grey tea. Not sure if I ever drank oolong tea.

    It’s neat how the big bag contaisn individual satchets, makes it so much easier. I am not a fan of milk or sugar in my tea though, so I don’t think this is a tea of rme. I prefer my tea strong without anything added. I don’t let my tea steep for long, but move the bag around a lot for a few seconds, which makes it strong as well.

    I am looking forward to more product reviews as part of this feature! I love visiting asian supermarkets and trying new products. And their spices are so much cheaper than in normal supermarkets, we buy almost all our spices in an asian supermarkt nowadays.

    1. Normally I drink Assam (it’s called Irish Breakfast here in the States) or Earl Grey, no milk or sugar, so I’m very like you in this. But the milky sweet tea is kind of nice in the afternoon. I also like green teas too but don’t drink them as often as black.

      I’m looking forward to many more reviews too! I’m hoping to do at least two per month. I love going to this grocery store so it should be fun :)

      1. I don’t think they sell irish breakfast tea here in the supermarkets, I should give it a try once.

        I do have one brand of Chocolate Chay latte that I like even though it’s sweet and milky, the flavour is really good and it doesn’t really taste like tea.

        I drink green teas now and then, they have a mandarin and orange green tea here that I like, but most often I drink black tea and 99% of the time earl grey tea.

  2. I used to drink a lot of the 3:15 brand milk teas – can’t remember what flavors but I liked them a lot!

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