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Sunday Update – February 22, 2015

One more week and we'll be out of February. Thank god for that! Because this February has been brutal in terms of weather. This week, I started off in Jamaica, bright and sunny skies and 78ºF, then dropped down to 8ºF with two feet of frozen solid snow back home. Kind of shocking! I'm glad we got to go on vacation, though, and get a break from this weather madness.

One thing that's definitely been in my favor this winter as opposed to the last three winters is the lack of sickness in my house. We have been using hand sanitizer religiously, lots of vitamins, and treating colds right away instead of letting them linger. I had a sinus infection back in November and instead of trying to treat it homeopathically at home, I went to urgent care right away and got antibiotics. Normally, I don't like to take antibiotics, but I decided that this winter I'm not going to suffer for months with recurring sinus infections. I'm sorry, but neti potting and mucinex and sudafed are not going to do anything for a recurring infection. This is the first winter I haven't suffered from three or four sinus infections in a row. Antibiotics are the way to go. In fact, I've stopped neti potting altogether and just humidifying my house. I'm glad I'm not sick all the time. It makes doing everything else more bearable.

Some things that happened this week…

Good morning! Last day in #jamaica #vacation

We were in Jamaica enjoying ourselves.

Last drink before checkout. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #jamaica #vacation

Enjoying alcohol at all times of the day.

Back on the couch and #amwriting. Working on a short story for a series I have planned! #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Then back home to my couch, computer, and writing.

Back to the rum punch. Yah mon. Now if only it was 80° outside. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

We missed Jamaican rum punch so much, my husband came up with a very similar recipe and mixed up drinks. Now, if only it were beautiful and sunny instead of…

Snowing hard. People sliding everywhere. #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days #hatewinter

A complete winter mess. Sigh. I'm really looking forward to spring.

Sunday Word Count Check-in!

Expected Word Count (Feb 21): 79,500
Total Word Count (Feb 21): 69,456

And here is where my whole 1500 words/day goal for 2015 falls apart. Lol. I went on vacation and I didn't log any words at all while I was gone. So now I'm behind 10,000 words. Not a big deal actually. When I set this goal for myself, I knew there would be times when I wouldn't be writing. I'd be on vacation or revising or marketing instead. The goal for 2015 would be 547,500 words — over half a million — which is a little crazy for me. I'd be happy with 400,000 which would be the equivalent of 4 full-length novels. So there's room for error, sickness, and rest here. No worries!

I'm currently working on a series of short stories I have planned to publish this year. The first one is almost done and I'm ready to plot the second one. I've also designed covers for them! I have ideas for four stories and I'm hoping more ideas come to me as I brainstorm. The goal is to write ten of these stories, sell them on Amazon in the Kindle Unlimited program, then bundle them and sell them everywhere. Hopefully you all enjoy them.

Book 4 of the Nogiku Series is out with my trusted readers. Hopefully they are enjoying it and I'll get feedback soon.

Have a great week everyone! xo

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – February 22, 2015”

  1. That short story series sounds interesting and I hope you can share more about where they are about soon! Will it be a serial? or more like standalone stories in the same universe?

    Our winter has been pretty mild, no snow except for two days and then it was gone the next day. Although I like winter, I always am happy when it’s spring again as well, I love seeing all the trees and plant life turn green again. Although I don’t like it when it’s too warm.

    1. I’ll be able to talk more about the short stories soon! Just have to get another one written and make sure I’m on a roll with them before committing fully to this project.

      It’s -1ºF here this morning, which is REALLY cold and there’s still 2 feet of snow on the ground. I wish it was spring already.

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