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Book Chat #9 – Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

There's something SO GREAT about going on vacation and devouring a book while you're there. I purposely finished the bulk of my work (revisions on Book 4 of The Nogiku Series) before we left for Jamaica so that I could read something for fun there and not do my own writing.

Since it was a year ago that I read THESE BROKEN STARS while on a vacation to South Carolina, I decided to get out the sequel THIS SHATTERED WORLD and read that on my trip. I was entranced! I really, really loved this story and the characters. The world-building was so unique and interesting. Avon, a marshy world in the early days of its terraforming, and totally clouded over, had me wondering what the heck went wrong there. I'll admit that the world itself affected me, so it was a good thing I read it on the beach in the sun because if I had read it at home in the winter, I would have been SO DEPRESSED. You need a good dose of Vitamin D to get past wet and cloudy Avon. I loved the characters too, Jubilee and Flynn. Their relationship felt natural and real, even with the circumstances it began under.

This is becoming my favorite series! I downloaded the free short story, THIS NIGHT SO DARK, too and can't wait to read that as well. I highly recommend these!

What am I reading next? Another beta read for a friend and then I have a book all queued up and ready to go on my Kindle. This one is a scifi book (no romance, I don't think) so I'll see how it goes before I tell you about it :)