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Full Moon Report – Leo

I knew the full moon was coming. I could feel it in everything I did for the last few days. My kids started feeling it on Friday when they exploded nuclear-style after a trip to the grocery store, and then my first-born child started with the bedtime anxiety again. Every month this happens at the full moon. I'm going to need strength to get through these next few days!

This month the moon is in Leo, a fire sign known for being exuberant, colorful, proud, vivacious, theatrical, confident, generous, and affectionate. You'll find yourself a lot more social at this time of month, more prone to participating in parties or even organizing them. Being the center of attention is your main goal, so get out there! This is also a great time to be creative and to create. So, if you have a creative pastime, concentrate on it this next week (I'm going to get to work!) Trips to the movies, museums, plays, and concerts are great during this time too, banking on the creativity of the individuals on display.

For once, this isn't a highly negative sign to have a full moon in. If anything, Leo is also known for being egotistical, bossy, stubborn, provocative, overbearing, dogmatic, and selfish. So if you can keep these traits in check this week and not piss anyone off, you should be good to go.

No-Sleep Quotient (1-10, Sleep – No sleep) : 8. As usual, I expect this full moon to impact sleep. You'll be restless and wanting to DO THINGS! Too much energy flowing through your system may keep you up all night. Expect children to be restless and staring at the ceiling. The only thing I can suggest is to run yourself ragged during the day so you fall asleep from pure exhaustion every night. Good luck!

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S. J. Pajonas