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Book Chat #7 – Heidi Joy Tretheway

I haven't done a book chat in a while! Mainly because I was doing a lot of beta reading on the side, instead of reading commercial fiction. That and I had some false starts of fiction books, books I picked up to read, couldn't get into and set aside. Let's not talk about those.

First, let me pimp my friend, Heidi Joy Tretheway. I read THE PHOENIX CANDIDATE and really loved it. This is a political erotic romance so if you love political dramas with lots of sexy times and a good story too, then this book is for you. It was smart, funny, and I read it pretty quickly, which is always a good sign I am really into a book (because I fit reading the book into every available moment).

Now I'm reading CRESS, by Marissa Meyer, part of the Lunar Chronicles Books. It is really picking up pace, and I find myself thinking about it and wondering what will happen next. I'm looking forward to reading it at lunch today :) I realized recently that I love these books so much because they parallel The Nogiku Series a bit, although my series is not in the YA category. And except for one unfortunate “melatonin” and “melanin” mix up (because REALLY? This is a professionally edited book by a traditional publisher, a Macmillan imprint) I find nothing at fault with this book and am loving every minute of it!

I have a few books in the queue that I'm looking forward to reading, too! Gotta get cracking!

S. J. Pajonas