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Book Chat #7 – Heidi Joy Tretheway

I haven't done a book chat in a while! Mainly because I was doing a lot of beta reading on the side, instead of reading commercial fiction. That and I had some false starts of fiction books, books I picked up to read, couldn't get into and set aside. Let's not talk about those.

First, let me pimp my friend, Heidi Joy Tretheway. I read THE PHOENIX CANDIDATE and really loved it. This is a political erotic romance so if you love political dramas with lots of sexy times and a good story too, then this book is for you. It was smart, funny, and I read it pretty quickly, which is always a good sign I am really into a book (because I fit reading the book into every available moment).

Now I'm reading CRESS, by Marissa Meyer, part of the Lunar Chronicles Books. It is really picking up pace, and I find myself thinking about it and wondering what will happen next. I'm looking forward to reading it at lunch today :) I realized recently that I love these books so much because they parallel The Nogiku Series a bit, although my series is not in the YA category. And except for one unfortunate “melatonin” and “melanin” mix up (because REALLY? This is a professionally edited book by a traditional publisher, a Macmillan imprint) I find nothing at fault with this book and am loving every minute of it!

I have a few books in the queue that I'm looking forward to reading, too! Gotta get cracking!

6 thoughts on “Book Chat #7 – Heidi Joy Tretheway”

  1. The Phoenix Candidate sounds interesting, hadn’t heard of that author before. I am adding it to my to-read list :).

    I have Cinder on my to-read list. I don’t really like fairytale retellings, but I want to give the genre a try and this is one of those series everyone seems to love. So i want to read it and see what I think of it.

    I have had a review book reading spree so far this year. I am currently reading The Mine by John Heldt, not really sure what I think of it yet. The writing style is a different then I am used to, but not in a bad way. Although I wish there was more about the emotions of the main character instead of just descriptions of what’s happening.

    1. If you find American politics at all interesting, you’ll like The Phoenix Candidate, though I have no idea what people from outside the U.S. think of these things :)

      So here’s the thing about the Lunar Chronicles series, this is one that gets better which each book. When I read Cinder, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t until I read Scarlet that I really loved the series as a whole. And really, it’s not that much of a fairytale retelling! She does a good job of making it her own. Really wonderful job.

      1. I’ve always been interested in American history and to a lesser degree politics as well. I took a course during my university about american history and loved it! It’s fascinating to see how things are different in other countries when it comes to things like politics.

        I am happy to hear the author really makes it her own, I think that’s one of the things I am going to find important if I am ever going to get into that genre. The whole wording fairytale retelling makes it sound so unoriginal. But I’ll definitely give that series a try :).

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