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Sunday Update – January 4, 2015

A new year is upon us! And we brought it in here in true Pajonas style, meaning I was sick and in bed before midnight. Really, this cough can go away any day now. I'm glad I've stopped running a daily fever, though. That really sucked. Ah, the life of having young kids who bring germs into the house. So glamorous ;)

Did you miss my post on New Year's resolutions and what to expect from me in 2015? If you did, definitely go read it. I have a lot of things planned for this year! And since writing that post I've even decided to move around some of my goals! Oh yes, there's lots going on here, and I'm excited for all the new year has to bring. I'll be posting a Writing Update later this week, so stay tuned for more news then!

I've begun work on a new website design. It's simple and easier to maintain than this current one I have. I'd like to get it up in the spring. I love working with Bootstrap. It's so easy to use! I'm a big fan now :)

I know what I'm doing later! #instagram365

I got some new colored pencils and coloring books for Christmas!

Salmon Hot Pot: Day Two: The Resurrection. #instagram365

I made salmon hot pot noodle soup for dinner and for the next day's lunch. It was so good. I forgot how much I love this meal.

Enjoying NYE champagne and walking around Sensōji temple in Asakusa, Japan. Thank you, Google Street View! If only I could get my omikuji on New Year's Day. #instagram365

I spent New Year's Eve sipping champagne and working on new book.

Breakfast vegan waffles were delicious! #vegan #breakfast

I made super delicious vegan waffles for New Year's Day breakfast and they were some of the best I've ever made. I'll have to post the recipe soon.

Worked on my planner for January! #dailyphoto #ig2015 #365days

Then I worked on organizing my planner for January. I am all ready to go!

I hope you had a fantastic holiday week. Tomorrow it's back to normal life for us. If I can get rid of this cough I'll be back at the gym on Tuesday. I CANNOT WAIT. I feel like a big lazy lump :) Lol.

Have a great week everyone!

S. J. Pajonas