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Full Moon Report – Cancer

The full moon transitions into another water sign this month, Cancer, which means tears and unhappiness in this household since my youngest is also a Cancer. Water signs mean I'm more emotional than usual, I sleep less than usual, and my home rocks upon the waves of the universe.

But supposedly Cancer is the natural home of the full moon so it's a good place for it to be. This is the time to allow ourselves our emotions, moods, and concerns. We may even want to parent our children more during this time (poor kids). If you need to get out and about in nature, spend some time around lakes, rivers, and the ocean since Cancer is a water sign. And since this is a good time to work on your metabolism, spend more time at the gym and on the trails. It was your New Year's resolution anyway, right?

If you're a water sign – Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces – you'll find this time especially trying. Maybe take some time for yourself away from home. And most of all do not overeat! This is a good time to eat light and healthy.

Sleep well, my friends!

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S. J. Pajonas