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Lucy Hat – Knitting FO

The weather got cold around here two weeks ago, and I thought, “Brrr! I need a new hat.” Then I remembered the yarn I bought LAST YEAR for this very hat but never got around to knitting. I rebelled against my inner serial monogamist, put the shawl I'm working on aside, and knit up the hat in nine days. First of all, hats like this used to take me two or three days tops. This just goes to show you how slow I am nowadays when I can only knit before bed, if that.

I love this hat. It's stylish and easy. Knitting it was a breeze. I would totally make another one.

On Ravelry:

7 thoughts on “Lucy Hat – Knitting FO”

  1. It looks great, I especially like that border thing on the left side. Makes it look a bit different then a normal hat. And the grey and pinkish colours look really well together!

    I love wearing hats in winter, I have one that resembles a wolf and when I wear it, it looks like a wolf is eating my head. I always get weird looks from people and some comments when I wear it. It even covers my ears, which is very important for me in a hat as my ears get cold really fast. I also have one which looks like a penguin and one that is a shawl and hat in one.

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