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Sunday Update – November 23, 2014

It seems that November is out to do me in. Not only did I give up on NaNoWriMo within the first week, but every week has been either filled with stuff to do, or plagued with half days for the kids or days off altogether. This past week we had three half days in a row, Tuesday through Thursday, and it put my productivity in the hole.

I did still manage to write the last chapter of Book 4 of the Nogiku Series! Now I just need to write the epilogue, take off a week, and then get back in there. During the week I take off, I'll be working on the Nogiku Series Guidebook. You'll hear more about that soon too. It's almost done. Then I have to plot out a new novel and edit the next part of REVEALED. There's always work going on here.

This week…

Wore my insulated skirt for the first time. My legs were toasty warm on the walk to school! #instagram365

It got really cold and out came my insulated skirt.

The walk home from school. #instagram365

We still walked home every day we could.

The new FACE TIME cover looks really beautiful in paperback! #books #book

And I got the new paperbacks of FACE TIME with the updated cover. I really love it!

Hoping I can pull off a few posts on the blog before Thanksgiving, but otherwise it should be a quiet week around here. See you soon! xo

S. J. Pajonas