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Sunday Update – November 16, 2014

Let's all wish my boy, Jiro, a happy belated birthday. Yesterday, my lovely Scorpio hero turned another year old (How old is he? I'm sure you would never ask him to his face, now, would you?) and so the writing of Nogiku Book 4 continued on at pace. (More on this tomorrow in a writing update…)

This past week was a little hairy. My husband, KP, left for London last Sunday and was gone the whole week. The kids were pretty good and well behaved for the entire week until Friday when they broke down and just couldn't hold it together anymore. I really can't blame them. I missed Daddy pretty badly at that point too. But I spent every single night working, getting in about 2k words every single day. I took advantage of the quiet time every evening, put the pedal to the metal, and got through to the last climax of Book 4.

During the week…

At the playground in our beautiful park. I love this place. #instagram365

We went to the playground at the park on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

Morning walk. #instagram365

We walked to and from school in lovely weather. Must have been the last of Indian Summer…

At the office. #amwriting #panera

Then I got some work done on Thursday while the babysitter came. I love Panera. I just wish it weren't so busy every Thursday I'm there.

Gifts for me. My husband knows me well.

KP came home from London on Friday and brought me gifts. He knows me well…

Then a horrible thing happened. I woke up at 2:15am on Friday night/Saturday morning to the sound of a loud truck outside. I looked up at the ceiling and saw red lights flashing, so I got out of bed, opened the curtains on the picture window, and saw the house across the street ON FIRE. Oh my god! I have never seen a house on fire like that before! Flames leapt from the attic into the sky, and our town firefighters were attaching the fire hose to the fire plug on our property. I woke KP up and we watched the fire consume this house.

Luckily, it was vacant, and no one lived there, because it had JUST changed owners on Oct 31. The new owners were doing renovations for the last two weeks and they hoped to move in today. :( I feel so bad for them. They're a new family with a young boy and another on the way. The house is all boarded up now. But this is what I witnessed that evening.

Middle of the night. Fire across the street. The hose on our front lawn.


Most of Saturday was spent watching the house being photographed by the police and being boarded up (and the new haircut above).

We have a crazy week ahead of us again with lots of half days for the kids because of Parent-Teacher conferences and a Brownies field trip. I hope I can keep it all together!

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