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Book Chat #5 – More Susan Kaye Quinn

Quick book chat today since this was the week that I had HAD IT with Goodreads and promised myself I would never go there again. Yep. I'm only going there to claim my books. I'm not even going to respond to friend requests. Sorry! But that's why I have a blog, right? I can just put my thoughts here about the books I'm reading.

So I'm actually reading a lot in between moments of writing and parenting. I've been reading at lunches, reading before bed, reading in the evening while cooking dinner. It's been nice to be into a book! Which book am I into?

SECOND DAUGHTER by Susan Kaye Quinn. I read the first in this series, THIRD DAUGHTER, during the summer, then got a back log of beta reading I had to do before I could pick up and read the second one. It's charming. It's delightful. It's filled with intrigue and suspense. I often do not want to close my Kindle and go back to work. I'm looking forward to reading it at my daughter's swim lesson later and finishing it sometime in the near future.

After I'm done reading this, I have a number of writing craft and self-publishing books I need to read, but they're much shorter than fiction and faster. I'll be sure to let you know what I think of them :)

S. J. Pajonas