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Sunday Update – October 26, 2014

Totally cheating and writing this Sunday update on Monday morning and back-dating it. Why? Because Sunday blew by me in a blur. I spent the entire day, on my feet, sorting and discarding clothes to donate, cleaning, and organizing. I posted this photo this past week…

Cluttered house, cluttered mind. I need to straighten up the house or I'll never finish this MS. #instagram365

“Cluttered house, cluttered mind” and it's scary how true that is for me. I cannot think, my brain goes kablooie, when my house is in disorder. I know people that thrive on clutter. Clutter makes me want to cry. Honestly. It messes with my qi something fierce.

I did NOT end up organizing this particular closet but my bedroom closet and dresser and all the clothes I keep for the different seasons got a good purging. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good about my accomplishments even with a 3am wake-up call from both kids last night. (I think I'll need a nap later… and lots of tea!)

A Girl Scout mom's rite of passage. #girlscouts #instagram365

Finally got around to putting the badges on my oldest daughter's Brownies vest… about two hours before her meeting. Nothing like a last minute scramble!

New windows!! I love them.

To top off the week, on Saturday, we got our last two new windows. I love them! Lots of light and unbroken space to look out. Plus they are so easy to open. This event led to the whole house purge we did on Saturday and Sunday because everything was covered in dust and dirt from the workers. It was worth it.


S. J. Pajonas