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Sunday Update – October 19, 2014

I'm home from the NY Sheep and Wool festival where I had a great weekend with old friends. I bought yarn. I ate a crap-ton of fried foods. I drank wine, ate cake, and knit until I couldn't keep my eyes open. It was the best of times.

To be honest, my weekend sort of erased my entire week before it. I barely remembered what I did! Let's look back on some Instagram photos.

Eep! I'm almost out of Soak! Gonna have to pick up more at Rhinebeck this weekend. #instagram365 @jacqueline_soak

Oh right! I finished a big knit this past week! Photos are now on Thematic which is my new favorite internet photo tool.

Winding up yarn for my Neon Beast. Next project starts tonight! #knitting

I picked out yarns for a new project…

Starting a new hobby. At least I can think while I color. #instagram365

And started a new hobby.

All set up at the house! #instagram365 #rhinebeck

Then, before I knew it, I was in Rhinebeck for the weekend! Yep, the week flew by quickly, and now I'm back home. I'm looking forward to working on Book 4 of the Nogiku Series and getting lots done this week. Hope you all had a glorious week/weekend too.

S. J. Pajonas