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Sunday Update – October 12, 2014

What. A. Week. Things on the home front were busy and chaotic, and I really was begging for the weekend, even though the weekend was crazy busy too. I have a good idea of where I want to go with Book 4 now. I've been cruising on ideas and really plowing ahead with writing when I can. This week I'm going to take more time to write every day. I just published the next installment of REVEALED (more on that tomorrow) and my plate is relatively clear until the end of the month. Fingers crossed I can get a draft done by Halloween.

Hanging out in bed while workers are up on the roof. #instagram365

On Monday, we chilled out at home while workers were on my roof fixing things.

Love this tree and how just the top turns red at first. #instagram365

The burning bush on the corner burst into red.

First tennis lessons for the girls! They were on the farthest court from me. #instagram365

The girls had their first tennis lessons on Saturday! I loved being back in a racquet club. I played tennis most of my life. I think I'd like to pick it back up again next year when the kids are in school full time.

And that's about it! I didn't take many pictures this week because I was crazy busy (did I mention I was crazy busy?) Lol. Next week!

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