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Full Moon Report – Aries

Feeling a bit impulsive? Did you drunk text someone you shouldn't have over the weekend? (You really should erase all numbers associated with that person, mmmkay?) Did you start five new projects when you already have one billion of them going? Guess what? It's full moon in Aries time! The most head-strong, fiery, crazy, and impulse-driven sign is hanging over everyone on the planet so walk with care my friends.

During this time, you'll find that everything is BORING or DULL, and you want BRIGHT, EXCITING, NEW things to do. This would actually be a great time to try out a new exercise or a weekend activity, something that requires lots of energy because you definitely have that. Don't bother asking anyone else to come along, though. This is a time for independence and self-reliance. Everyone wants to do things on their own, so be ready to conquer that task by yourself. This is also a good time for home renovations or redecorating so dust off those ideas and get something new at home going.

I'm surrounded by Aries in my life. I have no idea how I attract them (must be my Leo Rising), and during an Aries full moon, I want to hide away in a hole from all of them! Lol. If you're Aries in an Aries full moon, you're gonna be more cray cray bananas than usual, so just watch what you say and what you do otherwise you may regret it in about a week.

Incidentally, I sleep well during all the Fire signs' full moons. I have no idea why that is. I've actually slept well the last few days. Amazing during a full moon.

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