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Sunday Update – October 5, 2014

I'll admit. This past week was the pits. I moved everything around on my schedule so I could be home on Monday for someone to come work on our roof. He called early Monday morning that he couldn't make it and wanted to come the next day. Nope. Sorry. Just because I'm a SAHM Writer doesn't mean that I'm home all the time. I delayed him to the next week (tomorrow). Tuesday was the day that all animals in my town decided they had death wishes and would throw themselves in front of my car. Pretty sure I accidentally killed a chipmunk, which I still feel bad about. Squirrels, a bunny, and more than one cat ran across the road in front of me. By the end of the day, I was glad the brakes on the car still worked.

I was then supposed to bring said car to the dealer on Wednesday for routine repairs and a safety recall. Drove all the way out to the dealer only to find out my husband got the date wrong and our appointment was for this coming Wednesday. Ugh. Thursday just overall sucked and everyone was in a bad mood. Thankfully my mom is in town and came over to hang out with the little one so I could write. I wrote over 2000 words on Book 4 on Thursday! By Friday I was just begging for the week to be done.

We've had a chance to recharge some this weekend. The kids are in crazy, emotional moods, because GUESS WHAT? We just entered another period of Mercury in Retrograde and the full moon is this Tuesday.

Let's try and put this past week behind us with some lovely photos!

Shopping with my copilot. #instagram365

If we have time to kill, I always take the kid grocery shopping. With no one around during the day but the old folks and fellow parents, grocery shopping is always a good idea.

Kitsune (fox) wallpaper from I love foxes. #instagram365

Time for a new computer wallpaper. I really love foxes. They may be my favorite animal next to dogs and owls. Kitsune in Japan play a lot of roles in folklore. If you're interested in them, read this great article at

Half and half. The beginning of Fall. #instagram365 #tree #mimoji

Fall is settling in, half a tree at a time.

#knitting on the couch. Best way to end a Saturday. #instagram365

Nothing caps off a stressful week like a movie and some knitting.

Let's hope for a better week to come! xo

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update – October 5, 2014”

  1. Ugh I am glad this week is over as well, I had a stupid issue with my website/hosting that I tried to solve all week. And I didn’t even dare check this weekend to see if it’s solved or not as I didn’t want to stress about it this weekend.

    I usually do grocery shopping with my boyfriend on saturday evening or sunday morning, it’s so quiet then. I love grocery shopping when it’s quiet, I get annoyed when there are people in my way when I am grocery shopping.

    I love all the fall colours, it looks so pretty!

    1. Ugh. Hosting issues are so stressful! Especially when your whole livelihood is based on your website. Hang in there!

      In two weeks, I’ll be up in northern New York and the colors there will be beautiful, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see them.

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