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Book Chat #1

Okay, new feature on the blog. This is Book Chat. It is my way of still talking about books I'm reading, loving, wanting to read, wanting to listen to (audiobooks), and so on, WITHOUT GOODREADS. I'll admit. I'm sick of Goodreads. My books are on Goodreads, and I generally ignore what people say about them there. I deleted the bookmark to the Goodreads Author Dashboard and just stopped looking. But that didn't stop me from looking at the books I was reading or wanting to read… and getting exhausted by reading the reviews those books. Seriously. I like a good review with lots of constructive criticism even if it's negative, but a lot of the reviews I was seeing were just downright mean. I'm done.

Book Chat here on my blog gives me a way to talk about the books I'm loving. Here's the thing, this feature will be overwhelmingly positive. Why? Because if I'm reading a book I hate, I stop, I put it away, I bitch about it to my friends over text, and then I move on. I have no desire to trash a book on my blog. I will also not be fake here. I'm not going to read a book and pretend I love it. If I'm not enjoying a book, I will put it aside, and not talk about it. You will not see books here until I'm enjoying them or have finished them. Period.

Also, I read books I want to read! Please do not contact me to ask me to read and review your book. I do not review unless an author I trust and know very well has asked me to blurb for them.

NOW… onto my current read!

70% INDUCTION DAY – I have no idea what's going to happen!! I thought I knew what Bianca was going to do, but then some crrrrray cray bananas shit started happening and now I'm dying to finish. This is the sequel to the BUTTERMAN (TIME) TRAVEL, INC. book which I loved. I will be reviewing this book for PK Hrezo in her book blog tour so she can blurb me if she likes. But I highly recommend this series! Fresh and exciting.

9 thoughts on “Book Chat #1”

  1. It’s a shame there are so many trolls and mean reviews on Goodreads sometimes. I usually only take a look at reviews from my friends or people I follow.

    I am currently reading the third book in Ripley Patton her PSS Chronicles series, so far I am liking it less then the first two books. It’s a bit darker and the pace is slower, but I am enjoying it. I have to say I am not always 100% positive in my reviews or when I talk about a book, as I always have some criticism or points I thought could be done better or things I didn’t like as much.

    I think your approach of putting down books you don’t enjoy is a good one, life’s too short to read books you don’t enjoy! I am looking forward to read more of your book chat posts in the future :).

    1. Thanks Lola! I had to refrain from visiting Goodreads, just dropping in to make sure my books and profile are all okay every now and then. I was reading these toxic reviews of books I loved and it was ruining it for me. Better off this way!

      I think the difference between me talking about and reviewing books I love is that I’m an author and not a professional reviewer or book blogger. So if I have criticisms of a book, I would rather either keep them to myself (because I probably see them more than a general reader will) or share those thoughts with the author one-on-one instead of in a public forum.

      Anyway, I’m already thinking about my next book after this one! I have some beta reading to do but my next book chat will probably be about the 1,000,000,000 books I want to read :)

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