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Level Up!

One of my major goals as a self-publisher (I have about 5 separate goals I keep in my back pocket to motivate me) was to sell at least one book per day for a whole month when I (1) don't have a new release and (2) am not running a sale. Meaning, there are no artificial motives for my sales, just people interested in reading my books.

Today, I reached that goal! I thought I might not make it a few days. Lol. And there were days when I sold only one book and it happened after I went to bed at night thinking I hadn't sold any. I feel really lucky and accomplished today! The chart above is only for Amazon. I did sell some at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and even one at All Romance eBooks. I averaged a little over 3 books sold per day, which is also amazing.

I have all you lovely readers to thank. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me a shot and helping me achieve my dream as a published author. I love you all! :kissing_heart:

13 thoughts on “Level Up!”

  1. Congratulations, Stephanie. You’re working so hard and it’s paying off – artistically and hopefully someday soon financially ;)

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